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Reading Recommendations


There are many sources on proper hydration, which is essential for quality of life and to avoid serious and potentially life-threatening conditions.  We recommend a few of the best books that we have found addressing the topic of proper hydration, as follows:



WATER - THE ULTIMATE CURE, By Steve Meyerowitz.
Discover Why Water is the Most Important Ingredient in your Diet and Find Out Which Water is Right for You
December, 2001 edition. ISBN# 978-1-878736-20-8

High percentage of water in organs:  Blood is 83% water, muscles 75%, brain 75%, heart 75%, bones 22%, lungs 86%, kidneys 83%, and eyes 95%.  (Pg. 12)

Discover Why Your Drinking Habits May Be The Cause and Cure of the following conditions:  (All on Pg. 20)
· Headaches
· Joint & Back Pain
· Anxiety & Depression
· High Blood Pressure
· High Cholesterol
· Fatigue & Insomnia
· Cravings
· Allergies and Asthma
· Arthritic Pain
· Constipation
..Drinking the purest water is recommended: (Pg. 45)


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A Preventative and Self-Education Manual ~ For those who prefer to adhere to the logic of the natural and the simple in medicine;; Second Edition: September, 2006 edition. ISBN# 0-9629942-3-5

..Chronic cellular dehydration painfully and prematurely kills (Pg. x). 
..Medications treat symptoms only; they are not designed to cure (Pgs. 3-4; 23-24).
..The human body needs an absolute minimum of six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day (Pgs. 151-158).
..Alcohol, coffee, tea, and caffeine-containing beverages don’t count as water for hydration (Pgs. 6, 106-109)
..The best times to drink water (clinically observed) are: one glass one half hour before taking food (Pg. 151)
..Thirst should be satisfied at all times. With increase in water intake, the thirst mechanism becomes more efficient to alert the person to the need to consume more water.(Pgs 6-8; 151-153)
..Adjusting water intake to mealtimes prevents the blood from becoming concentrated as a result of food intake. (Pgs 151-152)
..Water is the cheapest form of medicine to a dehydrated body (Pgs 6-7; 152-162).
Other Key Effects/Topics of Interest for Proper Hydration:
Ease of Sleeping (Pgs. 156-157)
Prevention of Fainting (Pgs. 55)
Prevention of a Heart Attack (Pgs. 51, 83-86)

Hope for Curing Established Diseases (Pgs. 151-165)


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YOU’RE NOT SICK, YOU’RE THIRSTY!  By, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.  Learn the crucial role water plays in these and many other conditions and ailments: Heart Disease and Stroke, Infection, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Lack of Energy, Addiction, Osteoporosis, Leukemia and Lymphoma, and Attention Deficit – Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life;; First Edition: June, 2003. ISBN# 0-446-69074-0

The different signals of thirst and chronic dehydration (Pgs. 19, 21, 27, 57-60)
Recommendations are provided on how much water and salt should be consumed each day to stay healthy (Pg. 236)
Drinking water may naturally lessen, even eliminate, symptoms of asthma, allergies, and hypertension (Pgs 72-74)
Water is the key to losing weight without dieting (Pgs. 159, 161-162, 266, 275)
Properly hydrated skin may combat premature aging (Pgs. 34, 172, 211-213)


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WATER CURES: DRUGS KILL: How Water Cured Incurable Diseases  By, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. Correctly prescribed drugs take heavy toll ~ Millions affected by toxic reactions;; First Edition: November, 2003. ISBN# 0-9702458-1-5

Proper Hydration may alleviate the following ailments:

Heartburn (Pgs. 24, 33, 132)
Rheumatoid Joint Pain (Pgs. 24, 37, 55, 58, 61-62, 65)
Low Back Pain (Pgs. 24, 33, 36, 43, 45, 55, 57)
Angina (Pgs. 25, 45, 49, 199, 215)
Migraine (Pgs. 25, 45, 55, 104, 115, 130)
Colitis (Pgs. 26, 33)
Asthma (Pgs. 26, 51, 53, 69, 74-75, 78, 80, 81-83, 85, 89)
Hypertension (Pgs. 27 90, 105, 117, 122-123, 125-127, 131, 158-159)
Type 2 -Diabetes:  (Pgs. 20, 27-28, 69, 117-118, 120)
Cholesterol (Pgs. 27, 105, 113-114, 122, 159)



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There are many sources on the benefits of water purity.  We also recommend these books, as follows:



POISONED NATION  By, Loretta Schwartz-Nobel ~ Pollution, Greed, and The Rise of Deadly Epidemics; First Edition: August, 2007. ISBN# 13-978-0-312-32797-2


THE WATER WE DRINK   By, Joshua I. Barzilay, M.D., Winkler G. Weinberg, M.D., and J. William Eley, M.D. ~ Water Quality and its Effects on Health; Second Printing: 2000. ISBN# 10-8135-2673-6


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THE DRINKING WATER BOOK, By, Colin Ingram. ~ How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins from Your Water; First Printing: 2006. ISBN# 13-978-1-58761-257-2


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THE BLUE DEATH  By, Dr. Robert D. Morris ~ Disease, Disaster, and The Water We Drink; First Edition: 2007. ISBN# 987-0-06-073089-5


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EPA Links:

Visit the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Resources and FAQs page on the EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) site for data on public drinking water systems regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

To determine if your municipal water supply is reporting to the EPA, and to review the testing data available for your community, visit the EPA page, Where You Live: Your Drinking Water Quality Reports Online.

To determine which EPA Office oversees the municipal water supply in your Region, this information is available on the EPA’s Visiting a Local Office page.

*Please note that Watt-Ahh® uses PET 1 Bottles, which contain NO BPA.

AquaNew’s Purification Processes exceed those of municipal water treatment.

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