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Please call 888-936-2782 or email for more information about full availability. A full pallet of one-liter bottles is 56 cases, twelve one-liter bottles/case, total 672 one-liter bottles or a full pallet of 16.9 oz. bottles is 60 cases, 24-16.9 oz. bottles/case, total 1,440 16.9 oz. bottles. The dimensions is 40” x 48” x 54”H (1,800 lbs.) and 40” x 48” x 48”H (2,000 lbs.), respectively.

Shipping Cost Efficiencies and Specifications

AquaNew will an estimate including the cost for shipping pallet(s) based on a quote obtained from the independent freight shipping company. For the freight quote, please let us know 1) the delivery zip code, 2) whether or not the delivery site is residential, and 2) whether or not a loading dock is available at the delivery site. We request full payment prior to pickup by the freight company. Your pallet will be typically delivered to any ground accessible shelter (such as a garage). Please be aware that the customer is responsible to cover the cost of any extra service performed by the freight company at the request of the customer (such as inside delivery or a "re-consignment").

Shipping and Receiving Instructions

When AquaNew, L.L.C. ships your pallet of bottled water, we will wrap the pallet and its contents in shrink wrap and cardboard corners.  On the Bill of Laden (BOL), we will specify no Top Load and identify the number of cases on the pallet.  We also affix several “Fragile” stickers on the packing shrink wrap or cardboard corners.  Unfortunately, even with these precautions, some cases may be damaged in transit even though damage rarely happens. Our Product Damage During Shipment Policy is provided in the Company Policies link on the website and summarized below:

Do Not sign the BOL for your shipment until you have inspected it for damage.  You should request the truck driver to wait while you inspect for any damage. If any case or contents is damaged, or if you have any doubt about possible damage, please perfoem the following so AquaNew can activate its 100% customer satisfaction policy by either processing a refund or replacing any damaged cases:

  • Before signing the Bill of Lading or BOL, contact AquaNew at 888-936-2782  to report the damage.
  • Note it the number of damaged cases clearly on the Bill of Lading or BOL before signing it
  • Count the number of cases received as we noted on the BOL
  • If possible, please take photos of any damaged cases.
  • Keep your copy of the BOL  



© 2023 AquaNew, L.L.C.  All rights reserved.  Watt-Ahh® and AquaNew® are U.S. registered trademarks of AquaNew, L.L.C.
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